Seelkraft® Coaching

The path into your power

Seelkraft® Coaching is about the power (Kraft) to realign your life according to your inner vision.

The you have come to the right place, because with the Seelkraft® Coaching I can help you to:

The goal: Unfold Your Inner Power!

Your benefit

You have more power at your disposal, your inner parts are integrated, and you are aligned with your vision and your purpose in life.

With this important prerequisite you can draw the realisation of your vision into your life with the help of the law of attraction, according to your new vibrancy.

My Offering

During a Seelkraft® Coaching, we do a review of your situation. We develop your vision. Discover areas of improvement with the help of a gap analysis. Develop your personal action plan.

And above all: move mental thinking restraints out of the way.

During the Seelkraft® Coaching I can make use of mental / energetical healing methods which are proven and tested, and especially ThetaHealing®, which was developed by Vianna Stibal in the 1990s.

My limits

Please be advised that my activities can not replace those of a medical doctor, alternative practitioner (Heilpraktiker), psychologist, or other medical practitioner. You are responsible for your health - please do not delay any necessary treatments.

Next step

Contact me to make an appointment for a Seelkraft® Coaching, or to ask for further information.

Free phone call for additional information!
Contact me:
via e-mail: sk at seelkraft de
via phone: +49-6251-860-860-4

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