Thanks to my teachers

I want to say “Thank You” to all my teachers who have fostered in my development. Without you I would not be where I’m currently. Thanks a lot!

Mechthild Wenzelburger

Foto Mechthild Wenzelburger

Mechthild Wenzelburger was the first person to bring ThetaHealing® to Germany, offering training courses. I first learned ThetaHealing® from her and still enjoy visiting her advanced training courses and energetic coachings.

Alexandra Höf

Foto Alexandra Höf

Alexandra Höf has a lot of experience with homeopathy, and has often helped me and my children. From her I learned her self developed method “Living in ease” (“Leben in Leichtigkeit”), to live through and become aware of emotional topics and patterns. Since a few years she offers courses working on a deeper energetic level, especially her “Basics for Life”. For getting to know her I can recommend her energy and vision journeys (meditations).

Claudia Heinke

Photo Claudia Heinke

I visited several training courses of Claudia Heinke, including some on ThetaHealing®. On her website she also publishes a lot of background information about ThetaHeadling®. She offers several self developed seminars, and since 2014 her own healer training.


ThetaHealing® - official website

This is the official website about ThetaHealing®. You can find information about Vianna Stibal and the method she has developed.

ThetaHealing Institute of Knowledge® (THInK®)

This is the institution which is responsible for the ThetaHealing® certifications. On the website you can find information on the various training courses.