My development

During the course of my life I had the opportunity to develop in several directions: first on my intellectual side, then on my emotional / intuitive side.

My intellectual development

At first I developed my intellectual side. After an apprenticeship as bank clerc (Bankkaufmann) I studied business information systems (Wirtschaftsinformatik) at the University Essen in Germany. I obtained the degree ‘Diplom Wirtschafts-Informatiker DII’.

During my university studies at the Clemson University in South Carolina, USA I also became a ‘Master of Business Administration’.

Then I worked several years as consultant, IT expert, and enterprise architect in the area of IT and banks.

My emotional / intuitive development

During my childhood I knew that there is ‘more’ than the intellect can explain. After I developed my intellectual side very successfully, I noticed that ‘another side’ was missing.

On wonderfully guided ways over homoepathy for my own children I finally arrived at ThetaHealing®, a method which helped me very much. Since I learned it in 2011, my emotional / intuitive development began to take on speed. With ThetaHealing® and other methods I was able to clear many topics originating from my childhood, and other mental blockages.

Now I feel more balanced and relaxed, I stay calm even in conflict situations. I have more power and energy for the things which are really important to me in my life.