Background information

Unfold Your Inner Power!

In this area I provide you with information about the philosophical background of Seelkraft® Coaching. I hope with my point of view I can show you a new perspective which may help you.

Why there are humans / the meaning of life

The Seelkraft® Coaching furthers you in your life in accordance with the meaning you give to it. Here I provide my answers in the context with the meaning of life and why it sometimes does not feel quite so easy.

Spirituality - the speciality of humans

Within the Seelkraft® Coaching I may make use of higher powers / a higher form of energy (often referred to as God, Creator, Source, or Universal Energy). Here I provide you with my answers to questions about spirituality and intuition.

Guiding Principles

The Seelkraft® Coaching is designed to be in accordance with important guiding principles:


The Seelkraft® Coaching utilizes several different methods which are proven and tested:

Additional information

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More details about spirituality and intuition…

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