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For a Seelkraft® Coaching I’m able to use several methods. First we discuss your topic ‘normally’ to narrow it down. To work on your topic energetically I choose a method suiting your situation which I’ve acquired in the past (see Qualifications).


Words can be very powerful, in a positive as well as in a negative sense. Some words or sentences we use frequently, others rarely. Some words or sentences provoke strong feelings or memories, showing us topics we should have a closer look at.

During the conversation I listen attentively, like your best friend. With inquiring questions I help you to obtain a better understanding of your topics. Often, during the process we will discover interrelationships and opportunities of influence which you were not aware of beforehand. It’s about the development of new solutions and insights for going new ways.

The conversion is especially helpful for your mind to better understand your topics.


The method of meditation has been used for many centuries and in many cultures / religions. Meditation has a calming effect and allows us to get in contact with our internal feelings and our own inspiration.

Living in ease (Leben in Leichtigkeit) is one method I use for introspection in a guided meditation. To better understand your own topics, and to let go of them energetically.

I’ve got to know and learnt Living in ease in a seminar from Alexandra Höf.

The meditation is especially helpful for you to perceive your internal feelings which are related to your topics.


ThetaHealing® is the mental method I use for energy work, to rebalance your energies in a deep state of relaxation, while adjusting internal programs.

The name is derived from the fact that the brain of the involved persons reaches a state of relaxation like shortly before falling asleep, and produces theta waves (4-7 hertz). In this theta state we can activate our creative abilities and consciously conduct energetic adjustments.

ThetaHealing® has been developed by the American Vianna Stibal in 1995, to free herself from her lymphatic cancer. Since then she has applied and refined the method in thousands of individual sessions, and teaches her knowledge in seminars.

I’ve learnt ThetaHealing® in several seminars from Mechthild Wenzelburger and Claudia Heinke.

Energy work is especially helpful for you to influence your internal energies and programs which are related to your topics.

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