Seelkraft® Coaching

The path out of the midlife crisis

Then it is the time to discard unnecessary ballast, to rig your sails properly, and to master the difficult passages in your life with a pilot.

It is my aim to enable you to navigate you through the difficulties, so that you can progress more easily and happy on new paths.

Your benefit

During the Seelkraft® Coaching, our conversation will make you aware of new aspects of your topic, helping you to progress. Like the tips of a good friend. I'll provide you with open feedback, from man to man.

We will sort out your issues, so that you can come to terms with yourself, and feel better. This is the precondition before you can draw new things into your life with the help of the law of attraction, according to your new vibrancy.

You have more power available, all your inner parts are integrated, and you are aligned to your vision and purpose in life.

Mit dem Ziel: Powerfully connected with yourself and life.

My Offering

I offer support for men in a midlife crisis who require more power, integration and alignment.

My offer targets especially men in a midlife crisis with a strong intellect, who know that there is more beyond the mind, and are ready to go beyond their comfort zone.

During a Seelkraft® coaching we have a look at your topics, especially:

On internal topics which block or drain your energy, we identify how you allow this to happen and adjust your mental thinking.

On external topics that throw you off-balance, we clarify in a conversation the cause for the imbalance, become aware about your own area of influence, and work on setting your boundaries.

For your alignment, we clarify in a conversation what is really important for you, and resolve conflicting goals by a clear prioritization.

During the Seelkraft® Coaching I can make use of mental / energetical healing methods which are proven and tested, and especially ThetaHealing®, which was developed by Vianna Stibal in the 1990s.

My limits

Please be advised that my activities can not replace those of a medical doctor, alternative practitioner (Heilpraktiker), psychologist, or other medical practitioner. You are responsible for your health - please do not delay any necessary treatments.

Next step

Contact me to make an appointment for a Seelkraft® coaching, or to ask for further information.

Free phone call for additional information!
Contact me:
via e-mail: sk at seelkraft de
via phone: +49-6251-860-860-4

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