ThetaHealing® - official website

This is the official website about ThetaHealing®. You can find information about Vianna Stibal and the method she has developed.

ThetaHealing Institute of Knowledge® (THInK®)

This is the institution which is responsible for the ThetaHealing® certifications. On the website you can find information on the various training courses. (in English)

Friends and colleagues

Mechthild Wenzelburger

Foto Mechthild Wenzelburger

Mechthild Wenzelburger was the first person to bring ThetaHealing® to Germany, offering training courses. I first learned about ThetaHealing® in her training courses.

Claudia Heinke

Photo Claudia Heinke

I visited several training courses of Claudia Heinke, including some on ThetaHealing®. On her website she also publishes a lot of background information about ThetaHeadling®. She offers several self developed seminars, and since 2014 her own healer training.

Susanne Müller

Photo Susanne Müller

Susanne Müller often assists Claudia Heinke, but also offers her own courses. She offers learning advice and ThetaHealing® for children and adults.

Alexandra Höf

From Alexandra Höf I learned her self developed method "Living in ease" ("Leben in Leichtigkeit"). She has a lot of experience with homeopathy, and offers Vesseling.

Andrea Leitold

Andrea Leitold offers Reiki and teaches Reiki without symbols. With her book in German "Deine Seele weiß es schon" ("Your soul knows about it already") she shows a path to the inner intuition. She also designs web sites.